I’ve got partnership!

As of today, Eren3311 on YouTube is able to monetize his videos!

By eren5150

Photography Section is Up!

As an experienced photographer, I find the need to share my work on my website! I do like to see happy subscribers and doing this is a way to win some more. Any requests (Please keep them appropriate or I might have to file a complaint with WordPress) will be appreciated. Please rate, comment and subscribe to Eren3311 on Youtube! http://www.youtube.com/user/eren3311

By eren5150

After Effects CS6 to Be Released, Adobe Reports

After Effects CS6 is going to be released soon! Adobe reports that it will have improved 3d rendering capabilities built into the application, as well as many new UI improvements that will help animators become more fluid in their workflow. As well as these new features, it also includes new capabilities on 64 bit systems that improve rendering performance by a huge amount. Eren3311 Animation is very excited about this, but we may need a GPU upgrade to get the full performance out of its new capabilities…

By eren5150